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Saturday, April 29, 2006

BackLight Orchid...

This picture was taken at the Kew Garden during the Annual Orchid Festival.

The background is a black cloth, this picture was taken in its natural location. During the festival they had a black background and some spots lights placed at the enterance. I spotted this one orchid which was facing backwards and light was shining on it from back giving it a glowing edge.

Posted by Daagh | 12:18 AM | E-mail this post

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i like this one the most. great work. how was it taken? because it looks itz out of its natural environment

Posted by Anonymous ceeeyem | 8:22 PM   

thatz wonderful and i guess u were bit lucky to get a nice look at the flower. good work. keep it coming.

Posted by Anonymous ceeeyem | 4:30 AM   

These are amazing pics!

What camera do you use?


Posted by Anonymous tabrez | 4:27 PM   

Thanks Tabrez. I have Fuji S5000 and Olympus E20. This pic was taken by E20.

Posted by Anonymous Daagh | 10:51 PM   

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